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20 Pairs Lash Bundle (wispy/full bundle)

Mollie Cosmetics

Sale price £55.00 Regular price £150.00
20 Pairs Lash Bundle (wispy/full bundle)

Wispy/Full Bundle
A variety of different lash styles, from wispy to full! A mixture to suit your clients.
20 pairs of lashes in total, styles listed below included:

3x MCV7

3x MCH10

2x MCH8

2x MCM4

2x MCM26

2x MCM27

2x MCM22

1x MCF6

1x MCF6

1x MCF8

1x MCF5

* PLEASE NOTE there are no refunds or exchanges on bundle deals.
* Bundles are already put together to include the styles listed above, you can not request any changes to the bundles.

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