Eyelash Multipack Collection

by Mollie Cosmetics

£30.00 £45.00

This bundle includes 3 packs of eyelash multipacks - our full collection including 'Flutter Eyes', 'Too Hot To Handle!' and 'Thick & Fabulous'

‘Flutter Eyes’ The perfect fluttery eyelashes to finish off your makeup look. These lash styles are fluffy and wispy, enhance your eyes and add texture with these stunning fluttery lashes.
Lash styles included:
4. Trendy.
3. Glimmer.
2. Blink.
1. Flicker.

‘Too Hot To Handle!’ Our most popular lash styles together in one bundle, from soft and wispy to thick and full this bundle is perfect for all occasions!
Lash styles included:
4. Chic.
3. Flutter.
2. Glow Up.
1. Trendy.

‘Thick & Fabulous’ Extra length, extra volume, extra drama! The perfect lash bundle to enhance the eyes with these full yet wearable eyelashes.
Lash styles included:
4. Glow Up.
3. Bountiful. 
2. Flutter.
1. Double Up.