MUA Discount - Mollie Cosmetics PRO Discount, up to 60% OFF all eye lashes!

Mollie Cosmetics MUA Discount. up to 60% discount on all eyelashes.

Mollie Cosmetics Pro MUA discount. Discount on all false eyelashes. 40% off when you buy 5+ pairs of lashes. 50% off when you buy 10+ pairs of lashes. 55% off when you buy 15+ pairs of lashes. 60% off when you buy 20+ pairs of lashes. Discount automatically applied at the checkout.


Do I have to be a qualified MUA to receive the discount?

No! Discount is automatically applied at the checkout.


Can the discount be used on all eyelashes?

Yes! All eyelashes are included. This includes all of the following lash ranges - Multipacks, Mink, 3D Faux Mink, Silk, Human Hair & Bridal.


Do I need a discount code?

No! Discount is automatically applied at the checkout. Discount automatically increases depending on how many pairs of lashes are in your basket.


How can I pay?

You can choose any of the following payment options - Card, PayPal, Klarna or Clearpay.


Can I resell the lashes at RRP?

Yes! A lot of MUAs & Salon Owners buy extra lashes to sell to there clients, this is a great way to create extra income for yourself.


Can I use another discount code with the MUA Discount?

No! Only one discount/special offer can be used at a time.


Are lash multipacks valid for MUA discount?



Are lash bundles valid for MUA discount?

No, as lash bundles are already heavily discounted and often work out at a similar price to MUA discount.
Only one discount/special offer can be used per order.


Do the lashes all have to be from the same collection to receive discount?

No, you can mix and match your order! Choose any styles you like from any collection & discount will be applied to all items.