Flawless Blender Trio - 3x Makeup Sponges

by Mollie Cosmetics

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This bundle includes 3x Flawless Blenders

Mollie Cosmetics Flawless Blender

  • Super soft sponge for the perfect makeup application.
  • Creates a more natural and flawless application, making your makeup feel less cakey.
  • Can be used for liquid, cream or powder products.
  • Use the pointed tip of the sponge for precise application, getting in all those hard to reach areas of the face.
  • Use the rounded bottom for all over blending.
  • Evens out product across the skin, leaving a flawless base for your makeup.
  • Can be used wet or dry. 
  • Sponge doubles in size when wet.
  • We recommend using the sponge damp for best results (especially when using with liquid products).

How to use your Flawless Blender:

  1. Wet your Flawless Blender by running it under a tap, squeezing the sponge a few times to ensure water is soaked right through. Squeeze out any excess water to leave your sponge damp. (This step is optional, you can also use the sponge dry).
  2. Take your sponge and the product you are using and start applying to the face using the sponge with a bouncing motion. This disperses the products more evenly.
  3. Use the pointed tip for all hard to reach ares (around the eyes, nose, mouth etc.)
  4. Use the rounded base for larger areas to blend the product around the face.
  5. Use the same sponge to blend in different products to your foundation such as concealer, liquid bronzer, liquid blush etc. This will give a seamless blend.
  6. Keep bouncing the sponge on the skin until you reach the coverage and application you are happy with.
  7. Clean sponge after use.

Taking care of your Flawless Blender:

  • Our blenders are super soft, so handle with care at all times.
  • Clean sponge between uses.
  • Don't squeeze the sponge to hard, this can cause breakages.
  • Whilst sponge is wet or damp, keep away from any humid or cramped areas & as this can encourage mold or mildew.
  • Let your sponge air dry. Allow sponge to dry completely before putting away in your makeup bag or drawers etc.


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